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Hi there!

So, I’m planning on applying for some sort of teacher training for Sept 2021. I feel I have done a lot of research and have narrowed it down to either unsalaried PGCE (Qts) at a local uni. OR a salaried scitt or school direct.

I understand that if you choose a salaried route, you can’t then apply for finance. However, I have heard that many people have managed to apply for finance and it been approved (scitt). And today also heard that someone believes you can apply for finance with salaried school direct routes.

Has anyone else managed to do this? Do you think it’s worth a try?

Living on 10k doesn’t seem very doable (which is all my current options)

Thanks in advance
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Hello alanahs1

The options you have in regards to teacher training courses are -

1. Salaried/Employment - (School Direct Salaried, Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship, Teach First) If you are training to gain QTS as an employee, you are not able to claim student finance, as you are employed and paid by the school/s in which you are training. You are paid on the un-qualified teachers pay scale. You should make enquiries directly with the school, about where on the scale they would be considering paying their trainees. Some providers DO ask for a contribution towards your training, and so it is worth checking on this.

2. Fee-paying teacher training - (University led, SCITT, School Direct) These options allow post-graduates to apply for student finance for payment of tuition fees, and a maintenance loan. As a F/T student, you'd also be able to claim back income tax paid from April to the start of your course in Sept, and for council tax rebate. If you have either dependants or disabilities, there are grants available for that too. You will complete your training within two different schools to provided a wide and varied experience and often complete academic study alongside your teaching practice placements for you to be awarded a PGCE too.

While the 'routes' of the fee-paying teacher training course only differ in the way that they are administered (ie. how the DfE awards places to the course provider, which institution accredits the courses etc), on an individual level each provider offers an experience unique to them.

Choosing your teacher training course provider is akin to choosing new shoes. Whatever you choose needs to be just the right fit in term of comfort and support, but also in term of style. Will your provider be able to deliver the type of experiences you’d like/need to be able to progress your teaching career in the way you’d like? From around the second week in Oct (for a 2021 application), you'll be able to research your local course providers (

Ask the provider to whom you'd like to apply the following questions (and others that I may not have thought of!) to make sure that they are going to be the best providers for you to apply to –


Does the course offer a PGCE in addition to QTS? If so, what are the assignments and deadlines for them?

When does the course start and finish?

Who would be my mentor during my course? How often will they be available to me? How experienced are they?

How long am I on each teaching practice and where are they likely to be?

What opportunities will there to be to work with children with Special Educational Needs or Disability, English as an Additional Language or those who are Gifted and Talented?

What opportunities will there be to participate in extra-curricular activities?

Will you be required to attend a University setting, if so, how often and when?

How many other students will be on the course?

What will the expectations for meetings/INSET be?

Hope you find the right place for you! If you'd like the support of a Teacher Training adviser to help you with this, then register here.

All the best, Jane

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