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Right this is going to sound weird but please if you don’t like to read this please just leave rather than saying something bad on this post, I just want some actual advice-
So I help out on this chat service to listen to people’s problems etc and one of the people told me that he was having some personal problems and that no one has ever taught him sex education so the changes he’s experiencing that’s really ‘scaring’ him.
I’m guessing he chose this service because he can remain anomalous
At first I thought it would be fine to tell him these things coz like sex education was a norm and everyone’s really open about everything here
But then later I realised he was only 15 so would there be something wrong about it?
Like I’m only telling him what our teacher told us but idk, I tried to explain to him that there might be some problem because of this but he was like no don’t leave I only trust you and don’t want to retell the whole thing to someone else and I just felt so bad like poor kid he doesn’t know what happening because of his family situation and school doesn’t allow to teach about this- what do you think? Should I just leave him and tell him to go to a professional or carry on the conversation or something else?
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Instead, you could send him websites/resources that could help him answer his questions and educate him more about sex.

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