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Official University of Lincoln 2021 applicant thread

University of Lincoln
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Welcome all 2021 applicants,

We hope you find our new thread useful, here is where you can ask us any questions you may have about the University of Lincoln and applying for 2021 entry.

If you would like to join our social media pages created for applicants considering applying to Lincoln next year, please see our UoL 2021 Applicants Facebook page and our UoL Applicants Twitter page.

We also have our Friends for Life scheme which you can sign up to, with the input of your interests we do the rest of the work for you! Linking you with other applicants with similar interests all on our 2021 Applicants Facebook page!
Click here to visit our Friends For Life page on our website

We have our Virtual Open Days coming up which are a great opportunity to ask any questions you have, gain an insight into subject areas, discover what the campus and Lincoln as a city has to offer and also to talk with Programme Leaders and current students. You can find out more information and book a Virtual Open Day here!

Whilst University can be a really exciting time! We appreciate it can also be a big change, particularly in the current situation. We are here to help answer any questions, and to make this time an easy and enjoyable process.

There’s no time like the present to start chatting with other applicants! Let’s start with a few questions! I’ll go first!
- What course are you thinking of applying for?
- Have you started your Personal Statement?
- Do you have any friends who are already at university?
- What’s better? Far away from home or close to home?

Other useful links
View all of our courses
Great reasons to study at Lincoln
Order a prospectus
Useful contact information

Good luck everyone!
Mark 😊
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hi there!

As a Student Ambassador for the University of Lincoln if there are any questions or concerns about studying or living here please feel free to reply to this and we will answer as soon as we can

I wish everyone the best of luck!

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hello! i applied last year, but will be studying journalism at lincoln starting in 2021! i went through the application process last year, so if anyone has any questions let me know <3
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I was going to be starting this year but decided to defer due to Covid. Hoping 2021 will be better. Studying Games Computing.

This will be my second time here. Was here at age 19 and now 32. So any questions about the area or university it self, feel free to ask
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