How to be friends with my crush in sixth form??

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How to be friends with my crush??

Hi guys, thanks for reading this thread!
I just joined a co-ed sixth form and I’m really clueless how to behave...
All the new girls are kind of in a circle by themselves, and the boys in their own, save a few very social ones that just talk to everybody.
There’s this guy that I met and talked to the other day, and I think he’s really fit and cute, but I literally don’t have any chances or excuses to talk to him.
He’s not in any of my classes (although we do the same subjects! We’re just in different sets) and I don’t see him mixing with girls a lot.
We only met once so I’m not even sure if he remembers my name… he probably doesn’t lmao
Anyways, I’d give anything to be closer with him and maybe go out to lunch with him (we’re allowed to leave the school site at lunch), then maybe stay after school to do homework together, just hang out in general…
Just writing these things made me feel so happy! (sorry I sound creepy lol)
The only problems are, a) I can’t just go up to him and say I want to be friends, so how/where do I start all this, and b) I don’t know him that well, so can’t tell if he’s the studious type, the edgy type or whatever. If I don’t fit into his ‘friendship group type’, would I even be able to hang out with him
So sorry this turned out to be so long, but any advice is appreciated!!! xoxo
Joseph Green
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As a guy, if i was in this situation where boys and girls stick to themselves, I would be more than happy if a girl approached me, similarly I would be happy approaching a girl if it was with the intention of expanding a social group. I couldn't care less about types as long as the potential friend isn't being a **** to others and a lot of guys are the same, with different expectations. But that's just my view on it.

You shouldn't need to match someome to be their friend

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