Is it okay to take soft subjects at SL when applying to Oxbridge?

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I'm taking HL Philosophy, English Lit and Spanish and am, at the moment, taking SL Maths Studies, Psychology and Biology however I am currently considering switching from Biology to ESS. I know ESS is considered to be a 'soft' subject but no university course or career I would ever apply for would involve any science so I'm really just looking to do whichever subject I can gain the most points from to raise my overall score.
I wouldn't take a softer subject at HL because I know they are less respected by top universities but would universities like Oxford and Cambridge still be less likely to accept you even if the soft subjects you've taken are at SL.
I am also considering the fact that if I were to change to ESS it would mean that all of my SL subjects would be soft but surely only the HL subjects matter, SL subjects just show you can withstand the breadth of the course and have a wide knowledge of different subjects?

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