Medicine abroad vs Engineering at imperial

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I’m a Scottish student who wasn’t decided what to study when applying to UCAS last year, so I applied for engineering and got into Imperial. However, after thinking it through I think I should have chosen medicine. As it’s too late to change my choice of degree at Imperial, I decided to try applying for medicine in Eastern Europe and I got it to a university in Hungary.
Now, does it matter where I study medicine if I want to work in the UK after I graduate? Do you think it would be stupid to waste the opportunity of studying at imperial(it was my dream for quite a time)? I am really confused now, and weighing pros and cons doesn’t work for me anymore. Any advice? Thanks in advance
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good dilemma!

Imperial is rather selective, you got in! congrats!, (how about this as a third option?) why not try engineering for a whole year, work at it. (in parallel, if you have the energy, do a UCAT/BMAT or whatever it is this week) so that you could transfer to a UK Med school, Dundee, Kircaldy?
the path to be a doctor is rather long, can be windy (as in, it doesn't need to be straight, not 'breezy') having a year of engineering would just make you a better doctor, more able to specialise in whatever eventually takes your fancy.

Overseas med schools, I have friends who did a year in Warsaw, then took a year off, now re-starting there. I'd be cautious about some med schools whch are outside the EU, they might work - but that's where your question of reciprocal registration with UK GMC is very relevant. Apart from being in the soon-to-be-frenemy EU, with future worries about recognition of qualifications!? need some better qualified people to comment on your dilemma/trilemma

HU as a country for study seems reasonable. Isn't it a bit locked-down at present?
My HU friend said this when I asked : Borders are closed starting 1st September, nevertheless for the football cup at the end of September ca.6000 football fans can enter! HU citizens returning from abroad are locked-down (quarantine) for 14 or 15 days, they only accept HU PCR Tests, nevertheless for the football fans Spanish or German tests will be also accepted. (she ranted on a bit) in HU one PCR test costs at least 150EUR per person. You need 2 tests to be relieved from the quarantine in about 5 days. If one lives in the countryside,it is bad luck, because you also need to pay another 150EUR so that they come to your house. As a conclusion, someone in the countryside is free after paying ca.450 EUR for the tests...Nowadays test centers are so busy,that they only take bookings 2 weeks ahead from now.

I read elsewhere that the PCR test might be just 84eur, not 150?

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