I think my dad supports honour killings....

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(Original post by Anonymous)
Sorry, but this type of reply is so disgusting. In Islam, it's been made clear that it is compulsory to give your daughter the final choice before going ahead with a marriage, and to go by that. Honour killings have nothing to do with religion, and are rather something to do with the culture. Please do your research properly before making such vile comments.
(Original post by Anonymous)
I think you're confused about what I was trying to say. The person who left a sarcastic comment was clearly trying to hint at the idea that Honour Killings are something to do with religion with is completely wrong - rather, it is something do with a culture. Again, I, in no way, support or accept honour killings and think they are disgusting, I just found it disrespectful that this person is giving the wrong idea that they are a part of religion.
I'm sorry, but where else do honour killings occur outside of the Islamic world? You might be a westernised muslim who has left behind all the barbaric stuff and that's great, but that doesn't excuse the fact that the majority of the Islamic world is under oppressive, barbaric dictatorships and laws where women and non-muslims are second-class citizens and gays are brutally slaughtered for being gay, not to mention the vast majority of terrorism in the world goes on in Islamic countries in the Islamic world, executed by Islamic terrorists. You're saying Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan, Yemen and so many others AREN'T Islamic, and you and a minority of westernised muslims are? You do realise that all these Islamist countries and Islamic terrorists like ISIS would say the exact same thing about you westernised muslims, "they aren't real muslims"? Islamist countries are the way they are because fundamentalist Islam has massively influenced the culture.

The correlation is clearly there, Islam and these brutal, totalitarian areas of the world are clearly linked. Denying such is denying reality.

If Islamists, Islamic terrorists and any muslim you don't agree with aren't real muslims, you must also accept that:

1. Westboro, the KKK, religious fundamentalists, christian African sh*tholes and any christian further right than the average christian are not real christians, and

2. Zionist and fundamentalist Jews are not real Jews.

If you deny these two claims, then by proxy, you also defeat the argument that any muslim you don't agree with is not a real muslim. You can't have it both ways, so which way is it?
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(Original post by mgi)
Why do you appear confused?
Because the world is a confusing place.

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