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IB Math AI HL vs AA SL

What is the biggest difference between Math AI HL and AA SL? I know that AI is more about practical uses, but I don't fully understand what it means. If I want to study political science in university, which one is better for me?
well, political science is a social science so literally any maths you might use is like counting - no specific maths is required. only AI SL might be regarded as 'too weak' for some universities (but still it would be probably better to get a 7 in AI SL than a 5/6 in AA SL since good grades always look good and maths is not required)
the difference between AI and AA courses is, as you said, AI focuses on practical uses of maths and AA on theory. essentially, this means that AA is more difficult for majority of people since it requires some abstract, logical and mathematical thinking, while AI doesn't (so much). so in AA you learn about functions, calculus, probability and (very little compared to AI) about statistics. AI is much more focused on statistics. in our school we have only AI SL and AA SL/HL, so majority of people who are going to go to humanities at university and/or are bad at maths chose AI SL.
you can have a look at the guides for both (they are surely available online) and make your decision.

PS. I'm doing AA SL so if you have any questions about this, let me know :smile:
AI doesn't only do mainly stats. Eg. for AI HL, they do a good amount of calculus like differentiation, integration, differential equations and and other things such as Complex numbers, Matrices, Graph theory, Vectors. Some people misunderstand that AI especially AI HL is only stats and its easy. It is definitely not easy at higher level.

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