What are my chances of being accepted into Oxbridge for masters?

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I currently study at the University of Lancaster and I'm about to start my 2nd year. I achieved a mark shy of 2.1 which is due to procrastinating most of the time. Of course, this isn't a stellar result to have in your first year, especially if I am aiming to enrol at a top institution, such as Oxbridge. However, as compensation, I have been very productive during quarantine such as enrolling in online courses, applying to volunteer/internships that are related to my degree, having consistent one-on-ones with my academic tutor online etc. In short, I have been pretty much squeezing every ounce of effort for me to excel in my next 2 years of undergrad.

In regards to this, I'm wondering that if I continue with this work ethic, would my trajectory land me a chance at Oxbridge? Obviously there is an abundance of universities I can apply to for my masters but I'm just curious if my work ethic at the current moment can land me far in the future.

Also, any advice that could help me in my next 2 years would be much appreciated!
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It depends on the courses you wish to apply.
However, for most Oxbridge courses, it's not safe even if you got a good first. I believe around half of the courses set a first as the basic entry requirements.
Of course, interships of related courses do help a lot, especially if your intern institutions are good.
Oxbridge masters are also very different from one another. A research degree is usually harder than taught ones, so you need to be more concrete.
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Hello! As someone who went to Cambridge for undergrad, I'd say its too early to call. Yes, they do ask for a transcript, but they also want references and a decent research proposal alongside a high 2.1 (overall mark of 67+). This is mostly for literature-based postgrad degrees, however, as that's what I know. So just keep working hard over the next two years and get the best grade you can. Good luck!

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