Get over the fear of going to a dentist?

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Anyone else scared of going back to a dentist? when i was like 15 i went to the dentist who was super rude and when i would say something was bothering me he would just say "go home then" and would rip me a new one about my teeth, i'm not a model and don't spend £20,000 on my teeth so they're not perfect but i brush and stuff and are white but recently i got super bad toothache and its like a knife being stabbed into my gums and i have to take x2 ibuprofen and x2 paracetamol sometimes even a codeine on top or the pain stays and someone said maybe its a cavity which i have never had before or even knew what it was until i googled it but i'm just scared of going back to the dentist because if i do have this cavity they're going to probably **** talk me and with someone who has anxiety and socially awkward especially with dentists staring at me i don't want this so its putting me off going, any advice? before someone says "should brush your teeth then" i do and floss and was told on my latest visit my teeth are way above average of what they see but apparently cavity are common? i do drink fizzy pop a lot which probably doesn't help.

Do i just go and let them rip me a new one? is a cavity expensive to fix on the NHS? currently out of work due to corona but i'm still willing to pay the prices, is a cavity easy to fix like would i have to keep going back for sessions? anyone got any experiences to share about going and having one fixed?

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Just because you had one bad experience doesn’t mean it this experience would be. Make sure you go to a difficult dentist in case you come across him again. I promise it’ll be okay x. I went to the dentists so many times in the past and I everytime I’ll be so anxious but I had to do it. Say f u c k it and goooo!!!
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I agree with the person's opinion above. You had a bad experience, but that's alright. It happens.
This doesn't mean that every dentist is mean, every dentist is different. Dont make a generalisation out of it.
I would suggest to go to a new dentist, maybe one of your friends' ? your parents' ? So that you can ask them about their dentist and get to know him/her already. See if he/she suits you.
Have a good day! & don't forget to go to a dentist

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