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So my ex and I were both virgins. we struggled to have sex for a while because he couldn't get his penis in and it caused me pain. when I put my finger in there even when I was aroused it felt quite tight so I believed the problem was that it was too small. anyway when we eventually had sex he didn't enjoy it and started watching porn saying porn was better than me. he's also insulted me on my body, not being perfectly curvy and would often stare and comment on other women. he has also insulted me saying my vagina was too loose (even though the whole problem seemed to be that it was too tight) and called it a vault so he couldn't sexually use me. he also had 0 sexual experience. he had an average size penis, perhaps a little small on girth.

I feel really **** about my appearance and ability now that I don't think I can be with another boy. he also sexually assaulted me and pressured me in the past, so I'm worried about perhaps being with another boy and wanting to stop and him not respecting me saying no during something and that my vagina won't be good enough unless I have a guy with a big penis.

is it possible to have a vagina that's too loose anyway? and how do I gain some confidence again
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I’m so sorry to hear of your experience with this guy. It doesn’t sound like there’s anything wrong with you. This guy is a total jerk. He’s horrible. Fortunately most people are a lot nicer. There’s nothing wrong with your appearance or ability. It’s just that your ex has made you feel that way.

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