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Hey Guys!
So, I am currently a Radiographer in London and am looking to apply for the full time PA course (2 years long) in London in about a year (2021) - Atm I'm thinking either St Georges/ Queen Mary.
The only thing holding me back is the funding.
I currently live with my partner and am paying rent which is all good now since I have a job but I've heard that working when you're doing the PA course isn't really the best essentially I'd had to give up my job as a Radiographer.
I have done loads of research and found that (I think?) MPAS are eligible for student finance up to like £10, 500 for two years and then there is also the £5000 split over both years from the HEE (whilst also maybe being able to receive the odd scholarship IF I'm lucky) along with savings. This will not be enough money to cover rent, the cost of the degree and general living costs:/

I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything else about course funding or could give me any financial advice in this circumstance? This is something I would love love to do but it doesn't seem particularly feasible at this current time .

Any replies/suggestions would be wonderfully appreciated x

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