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I’ve just started year 12 so I’m fairly early for looking at uni, but so far I’ve found I like the looks of Oxford fine art or VFX/animation at escape studios

At the minute Im kind of undecided between them? There’s the prestige of Oxford that can get you nearly anywhere just from the name with a more typical university experience, or there’s the specialisms of escape studios which give you a lot more industry exposure and is in London where almost all of UK animation/VFX is based, but there’s less of a traditional uni experience (they don’t really have formal exams and lectures and because it’s so small the student communities are small too- eg they don’t have any classical music groups (I’m really passionate about it as a hobby))

Based on my GCSEs for art I’m aiming for A* and probably similar grades for my other alevels.
I’m doing art computing maths and further maths as well as an epq in animation.
I know most people don’t get into Oxford without a foundation degree first, but I’d rather just go straight into uni or do a gap year doing something completely different because I know a few students really enjoying their art degrees that hated foundation

The other issue is if I look more towards Oxford I might go down the route of being a fine artist but obviously at escape I’d probably be animator/VFX artist , while I know anyone can make it in art and get enough money to live well, there will always be the temptation of a more reliable pay cheque if you’re working for a film company

Any advice would be greatly appreciated- my sixth form is usually really good for uni applications but obviously rather I aimed for Oxford over a tiny uni studio they’ve never sent students to

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