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So I have exams in about 4 weeks time and these will determine my uni prediction grades

But I cannot concentrate I don’t have an issue with conversation spans but I just can’t focus on anything I’ve been having online lessons and I even struggle in them like I fall asleep but when I’m in acc physical classroom lessons I’m completely fine it just sucks because I know I am capable of achieving high grades as I’ve done to before but this time round I cannot focus

Is there any revision methods or tips (not the basic ones ) anyone’s been using to really get the information into their head if so please help a sis out

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If i'm in a place where I feel like I am not learning the content I am studying I do this method called 'blerting':
You study a topic or a section for how ever long you would like and then on a piece of paper I would write the key headings I need and then from memory I would write everything down I can remeber about these headings and how I would explain it to someone. Once I feel like I cannot write any more I get a different colour pen and write down everything I missed using my textbook and notes so I know what I should focus more on.

I always feel like this method shows you that you are actually making progress with your studying as you are able to quickly see what you do know, but you also have the information in a different colour showing you what you need to focus on more. I would say this method of revision and testing yourself is much more of an active process which will engage you more and help you remember the content you're studying.

I hope this helps
Good luck with your exams!

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