Moved into student accommodation, made no friends yet

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I moved into McMillan student village yesterday and I haven’t made any friends. I’m very shy, so I find it hard to approach people and because I live in the studio room (one with my own kitchen) I have no business going into the shared kitchen. This student accommodation is full of students from different universities, so it’s not exclusive to the students who will be going to mine. I am going to Ravensbourne University London, and I don’t even know anyone from there, I’ve just joined a freshers group chat though On Instagram. Somebody please help or give me advice, I feel very lonely and I don’t want my Uni life to be like this.
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Hi sorry you feel like this, I had a similar experience last year. Put yourself out there! I know you don't need to use the kitchen but that doesn't stop you going in and introducing yourself, saying you want to get to know everyone. Just ask about them, be interested and open- what uni they're at, what course, where they're from etc and take it easy. It will be okay, if you don't make friends in your accommodation they are so many other places to meet people- get involved at the uni! Societies, clubs, sports, volunteering projects, your course...
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