My Coronavirus test was put on local news

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I’m a 22 grad and work at Tesco and have done for the last 2 years. I recently took a covid test last Monday night as my friends mum had tested positive. He tested negative a fay later but my mum found a home test from a month ago so I took it and sent it away, I was symptomless and only took the test for peace of mind. I went to work the next day and when I got home that night, I started to develop symptoms, cough, sneezing and a burny Nose. My test came back 2 days later positive. I immediately text my manager saying this and she decided that she would tell my work lasted via WhatsApp and that not to say anything to anyone as they still have a business to run!!! Someone from my work has went to a local newspaper and had exposed my managers for the poor handling. I fear now that I may be in trouble as I went to work delete having a test even tho I really didn’t know you had to stay home if you had one as I was symptomless.
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Your coworker is one to talk about poor handling. Rather than bringing it up civilly she had to run to the media..

If you have a test, of course you're supposed to stay home. You are putting yourself at risk of backlash if it turned out positive, thats just common sense.

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