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Hi there,

Firstly, I'd like to preface this by saying I know this is my fault completely for being completely ignorant of my universities dissertation protocol (I study at the uni of Southampton for reference), but I had been going through a tough time during Covid in my third year, and had applied for a retake of my dissertation which was granted and uncapped. However, I didn't realise but I had failed to submit an ergo form for approval, which I thought I did but turns out it was pending submission. I was wondering whether anyone knew what the typical protocol was as this seems like it would mean I will fail my degree without a qualification as I don't have a valid dissertation submitted? Does anyone know if I am able to repeat this dissertation as technically this is the first failure and wasn't a referral. Would I be given a revised date to submit this by as this would count as my first 'fail' for this particular assignment?

Many thanks
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I also study at Southampton & had a referral for my dissertation until the supplimentary period (ie. hand in was August 27th or until the end of the 2021 academic year).

I’m assuming you must be an UG on a Bachelors (unless you’re like me and on an integrated masters).

a few things:
talk to your PAT &/or talk to your supervisor or senior tutor. Please talk to someone official who will know the rules and regs about it all (or will know far more than a fellow student or graduate).
especially because, for example - I worked with (arguably important) faunal remains when I did my diss and “destroyed them”. as it’s an ethics form, there are two ends of the spectrum and it’s difficult to believe that your dissertation supervisor and you would have never spoken about whether or not you got approval / the form. as your supervisor, in my case has to look over it before it gets passed to the needed board. ie. faculty level or higher.

1. Have you already handed in your dissertation? If not have you already undertaken the research as the the ergo form (tends to) covers research time only not writing time. ie, when you say how long the ethics is now long your research Inc. human participants, lab work etc will/should take. Not writing time?

No idea what you study. But pls talk to ur supervisor. Tutor whatever. To work this out!

Edit: my dyslexic ass, didn’t realise you wrote thi in a past tense. meaning you have already submitted.
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