3 strikes and you are out

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Just found out from a teacher the “3 strikes and you are out” rule so it means if you are late to lesson or in the morning 3 times then you get kicked out. It’s a bit unfair and harsh because it’s not very many times and it’s going to be hard not to be late, I can try hard but this morning I was late due to traffic and I was late from break because my phone was set at the wrong time and the teacher said it’s 3 times and I’m out. It’s like the teacher said she doesn’t care if I kicked out because she still has a job but obviously I care because it can mess up my life and I have got nothing if I get kicked out of college. My future would be potentially screwed. I kind have been anxious and I’m kind of panicking about this rule, I don’t think it’s fair at all.
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That sounds ridiculously harsh. Are they even allowed to kick you out for stuff like being late 3 times due to traffic etc?
Are you sure it isn't just your teacher trying to scare you into being punctual?

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