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Hi, I'm conducting a small science investigation using paper gyrocopters. My question i'm investigating is - When dropped from the same height at the same time, which gyrocopter will hit the floor first, the big one or the small one?

My hypothesis : the small one will hit the floor first

I did 3 tests and timed each one - my results supported my hypothesis. My question is - is the reason for the small gyrocopter landing before the big one because it has a smaller surface area where as the big gyro has a larger surface area meaning more air resistance?

Please let me know if i'm correct in what im saying and if my experiment shows the expected results.

Thank you
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Correct, there are 2 main forces at play: gravity and air resistance.

You would say that the larger copter is slightly heavier, so the force of gravity would be stronger.

However, the air resistance due to the larger surface would outweigh the effects of gravity, depending on the difference in size of the copters.

It may be difficult with paper, but it would be very useful to try and find this equilibrium? The point at which gravity and air resistance equal out and both copters hit the floor at the same time.

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