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^As the title says.

I wrote my EE on philosophy, for which I had used an article as the main basis for my analysis (mostly because there's not a lot of sources that I have an access to regarding the topic). The problem is that I'm not sure if my analysis bears a too close resemblance to that article idea-wise. I tried comparing, but as anyone who's ever read philosophy might understand, there are many bits to the text that I don't understand well enough to even rephrase them. I've cited the article on multiple occasions and elaborated on those ideas with how I perceive them, which seems to have similarities with the writer's ideas (of course, because there are specific controversies in the philosopher's text). If a moderator went and actually read that source, could it be considered plagiarising?

I put my text in multiple online plagiarism checkers which didn't find plagiarism (as I have written the text in my own words). I am just scared after hearing so many horror stories about accidental plagiarism and failing
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