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I am currently in my first year of two of the IB diploma programme at my school. That being said our school doesn't give us any information about the EE's until the end of 11th grade at the least. I am taking HL Biology and Chemistry, HL English, SL Math, SL Latin, and SL History.

I pretty much already know I want to write my EE in either Bio or Chem which is very broad and I am also pretty sure that I want it to be medical based. This is not only because my future job is a nurse, but because I have always been interested in all things medical. And I also love things sciencey. One of the issues I keep running into is that I don't really know what I'm doing. I don't have any information because our teachers refuse to give us anything for months and school just started. But I can't help it, I am a curious kid and as I am learning I need a specific EE question and have to do a lot of research so why shouldn't I be able to have the information now if I want it.

As I am thinking about it I find all things with children/ babies very interesting so maybe that's where I might start. However again I still don't have much information or advice. I'm not saying I want to write my EE junior year, but maybe I do. I'm just saying maybe I want the information so I can figure out what's happening and stop being so confused. I happen to be confused currently a little. Like for a Chemistry or Biology EE, how exactly does that work? Do you do an experiment or does it depend on the question.

I'm mostly ranting at this point so forgive me here.


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