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Ok so I’ll try and keep it short.
First year for me was full of ups and downs, I originally disliked it, fell back into a depressive episode and my anxiety came back in full swing. After christmas I decided to just f**k it and go out, put myself out there and try to enjoy it. I actually started to towards the end and then corona came around and lockdown ruined it.

Now I’m back and it’s worse than ever. My house fell through so now I’m living in a flat with two other girls who are best friends and have their own life/leave me out/go home a lot to their boyfriends. I have tried with them to no avail. I also tried to get back in touch with my old flatmates, but they now have their own groups and friends and seem to have forgotten about me and moved on. With the COVID situation making new friends will be harder than ever especially for a second year like myself.

I am so depressed and every day is a struggle. My course is mostly online so I’m stuck in this flat 24/7 with my own thoughts and it’s awful. One of the main reasons for coming to university was to get away from my town and lack of a social life at home so dropping out isn’t a great option.

Any advice???
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is there a chance that you can get involved with societies at your uni? or maybe take additional classes (like beginner language classes) to meet new people? depressive episodes suck but i'm proud of you for getting through things so far!

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