How hard are A Levels,Maths, FMaths,Physics,Chem. Year 2 things to learn in year1

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I dont like how my school are handelling A Levels. I thought they would be taken a lot more seriously as Ive been told for years they are the hardest thing we will do.

So its halfway through september and we are still doing pre GCSE work.

I also dont like the fact the books are split between year 1 and year 2, and I have this strange feeling that year 2 is gonna have more content than year 1 which is why people always find them so stressfull.

So im doing Maths and FMaths MEI, and Chemistry and Physics in AQA. What year 2 things do you guys think it would be really usefull for me to learn now. I dont want to learn later in the year stuff because i have a feeling the school is gonna take this year slow. The teachers just speak so slowly like we have 10 years to study for these and seems so relaxed.

Looking through the 1 textbook the school has given me so far, and the 1 i bought for maths, this seems like easy stuff tbh which is why im asking if theres any advanced year 2 topics I should get to work on now.

I understand I wont understand some year 2 topics which is why they are year 2 topics, but just give me some big stuff then I will work backwards and that way learn y1 too, or at least start to understand the concept so that when we go over it later this year, possibly at the same time it will reinforce it.

Thanks if that makes sense.
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I recommend after every lesson, you revise the content at home and make revision resources such as revision cards, mind maps & practise answering questions from past papers. I remember after every maths lesson, I would try answer maths questions from the A level past papers on that particular topic I had at class. If I didn't understand it very well, I would then watch maths videos which were so useful as they explained the topics very well. I also had a checklist with all the year 1 and year 2 content so I was able to see which topic I needed to go over again and which ones I was confident in. If you follow this method, I'm sure you'll get really good grades.

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