Why do I ALWAYS get spots here?

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I literally only get spots on my cheek and everywhere else, my skin is so clear.
The spots on my cheek never seem to go away and there is 5-6 on each cheek which take turns in becoming bigger or becoming smaller so I always have at least 1 big and red spot on my cheeks which is just so obvious.
I have tried so much, exfoliating, moisturising, sunscreen, ice to reduce redness, sudocrem, purifying lotions, acne clearers etc. and they never wanna go away. They may sometimes go away for like a day or two and then come back exactly the same its just so annoying and idk what to do...
Like I'm 19 and nobody else my age suffers from acne problems anymore and for me, my skin has literally gotten worse after the age of 18
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I also have a lot of hair on my face (due to pcos) and so i often wax that off but i do it properly so I know the reason for these spots isn't acne... I eat, sleep and workout well so I know it isn't an external issue which is causing this... idk what to do because I've tried everything

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