Super curricular advice for potential Russel group applicant

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I'm in year 12 and hoping to apply to Durham for English lit. I currently tutor a year 11 in gcse English but other than that I have no extra/super curricular things that may strengthen a future application. Things like work experience are easier to find for STEM students, however for a less job-specific course like English it seems impossible to find anything useful. Plus I am still clueless as to what job I want. Any advice would be appreciated
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Hi, I've got some ideas for you to have a look at and see if any appeal at all:
Subject related to your application:
• Further reading- literary criticism
• Work experience- as a history student I get it- I want to be an academic and so work experience for me is being in the lectures I one day want to lead but to get experience and demonstrate my interest I did plenty of work experience and actually found it fascinating even if it's not what I want for my career. Helped my application too. For reference, I went to an archeology company, a magazine and wrote a history article that was published, and two weeks behind the scenes at a museum- in the stores, putting out exhibitions, moving collections. Really worth it even though I don't want to be an archeologist or museum curator, for the people doing real life careers who often did your degree first.
• Volunteering- e.g. as part of DofE I volunteered in a second hand bookshop. Pretty solid
Extra curricular:
I would recommend doing whatever you enjoy and making it work for your application. Take whatever it is to the next level. For example, for sport join a club, for music pass an exam and get to the next level, I had friends who did dance and began teaching/leading sessions at their dance school, do whatever you can to enjoy a hobby and get something out of it
Also recommend getting a position of responsibility at school. School paper, prefect etc? Anything you can get involved in
Overall should clarify, please don't do all of these- just thought I'd write everything off the top of my head and one might resonate with you and spark an idea that you would enjoy. Best of luck on your application!

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