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Guys so my Edexcel IAL exams starts on thr 6th of October and im doing business one uni, chemistry and math 3 units... i haven't started studying yet at all coz of personal reasons.. if I start from today do u think i can make it and get between B's and A's??? + any advises on how to get A's and B's?? plz helpppppppppp
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Hey, I found myself in the same situation as you, except with my mocks. My AS mocks are in 13 days and I really have been studying like a madman cuz I want my UCAS grades to be good. For maths, I would say do every exam question in the textbook, and make sure you are doing review questions at the end of every chapter. Don’t waste time doing questions you’re already good at. Once you’re all good with textbook exam questions, start doing papers and make note of your scores and how they are changing as you do more papers. I would also like to say that studying first thing in the morning is very underrated, especially for a subject like maths. I found that it helped me really focus, so that might be something you wanna consider. And also look up, white noise videos on YouTube to listen to while you practice questions. I think it’s also best to spend at least 2 hours every day on some maths. If you’ve done every single paper, you could also subscribe to, they have topic wise exam questions so you can focus on your weaknesses. Overall just approach maths with a calm mindset and relax as you do your practice. Have fun with it.

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