Social anxiety how to overcome

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So I’m in year 12. And today I was in maths.

The teacher said she would go around the room and ask each of us to answer it. When I heard this I started panicking badly. Even though I knew how to do it we I had practiced. When it came to me I struggled as I forgot how to do it.

And if things don’t get worse I tried redeeming myself and put my hand up to answer a question. I said “root 4 16” and she said no that would be wrong. And I was 100% sure that was right. Otherwise I wouldn’t put my hand up.

Then some other kid answers it and it’s the exact same answer as mine. Idk what the issue is?.

So I assume the first one is obviously some sort of anxiety?. Do you guys know of any ways to overcome this?

Such a bad day. They probs think I’m dumb now.
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Suffered with stuff like this throughout school, pain in the ass. Face use to go red as anything when I had to say something. I got better when I gained confidence, noticed that when I went into a relationship. It's all about how you perceive yourself, and therefore how others perceive you. I'm 5 years past that point, still struggle in social situations as a grow man. However, I know now that practice makes perfect, try to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Tell yourself that it doesn't matter what people think, because that is the truth. Learning to be comfortable in yourself makes life as a whole a much more enjoyable ride.

Stay happy + safe.

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