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I'm applying for politics as a very left wing person. I don't get on well with right wingers and am wondering if all politics students are (mainly) right wing??? I don't want to have no friends on my course (((((((( please can someone who does/ has done a politics degree tell me their experience?
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Universities are known for being very left-wing anyway, there's 0 chance that you won't be in similar company, but:

- neither you nor anyone else in your course ought to base friendships off political views

- a wide range of contrasting viewpoints is more helpful to understanding politics than an echo chamber
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Politics & Philosophy student here! I'm in my 3rd year at the Uni of Sheffield and many of my friends were telling me that they heard similar rumours. After 2 years here, I can definitely say they were mistaken. I've met people with such diverse political views and I'd be inclined to say there could be more left-wing people than right-wingers – but this could be just my impression of it since nearly all of my uni friends are leftists too, so I've mostly met left-wingers through them when going out or to events together. Our Students' Union has quite a wide range of political societies too, some being more popular than others, so all views are represented. The ratio between left and right-wing people will vary from one university to the other but you can certainly meet people with similar political views (e.g. through societies or from the people on your course) even if you find your cohort to be rather right-leaning.

Once you'll become a politics student (which is honestly a wonderful thing to study) you'll learn about all sorts of ideologies and engage with all of them equally to develop your own judgement and to be able to compare them. This helped me massively because I used to get easily annoyed when discussing politics with people who had different political beliefs and talking about them in nearly every seminar gave me the arguments I needed to prove my point and become more articulate in those heated discussions.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

– Andreea
3rd Year, BA Politics & Philosophy

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