Im bad with messaging/am I missing cues/inappropriately prolonging conversations?

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When interacting woth people online Im often conscious about being too cold, too forward, too flirty etc but then im not great at realising whats appropriate and whats not. Then based on their response I get the impression that im prolonging a conversation too much. My friend said I appear offish sometimes so i try to be ‘warmer’ even with collegues etc.

One example is today. My boss, has been on annual leave for 3 weeks and broke his ankle while away. We have a good working relationship but sometimes when we are talking over instant messenger he ends the conversation and I worry im going on too much. One time he text that he ‘d have to go or he’l get into trouble.

For example looking at this conversation today would you say I prolonged the conversation too much?

Him ‘ Hi Rachael, just got back home’
I’l be sure to phone you on monday. Are you ok?

Me: ‘ok, hope u had a good time, despite the accident, how are you.. we’re ok thanks was busy before but quieter now. Got a few things to discuss with you about caseload etc but can wait till monday’
Him: ‘yes we’re good thanks. Nuisance not being able to do things. Ok sounds good. It’l be nice to chat then.
Me: ‘can imagine, are they letting you work from home for a bit then if you cant drive..

Him: ‘think so, hoping to pick up a laptop next week’
Me: thats not too bad then
Him: should be alright. Have a great sunny weekend Rachael. Look forward to chatting with you next week : D’
Me: ‘same u too’
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Im like this in general conversation also if it makes a difference
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