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I'm a year 13 student who is set to sit exams later in 2021, I picked Physics, Geography, and DT in order to study at my desired university I need a B in Physics. I would say I'm currently at grade D/E. I will be the first to admit I don't do a large amount of revision and that is something I am working on but are there any online resources that would really help me? or is it too late?
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Your at the beginning of year 13 so it’s not to late to start revising

Start by making a revision timetable, there are many apps to help with this and I found a revision timetable to be useful.

For revision, start by going over content from year 12. Maybe condense it into posters or flash cards, revise key definitions (like that of current and moment etc). Top tip as well is to revise circuit symbols. Then once your confident with the content, start with practice questions. There should be some in any textbooks you might use. If not ask your college/school physics teachers to suggest where to get practice questions from.

Review year 13 content as you go along and revise for topic tests.

Just before exams start (maybe a few weeks before), start to use official past papers to guide your revision and try and do them in exam conditions. Not only will this help identify any last few things you need to recap, but also is good practice for exam technique.

Any topics you struggle on, ask your teacher to go through them with you. Ask questions in lessons if you don’t understand something.

I don’t know if your college/school will be putting on any revision sessions this year, but if they do virtual ones they may be useful to attend.

I hope this help and best of luck with A-levels

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