Do white guys like brown guys?

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I am a 16 year old brown gay guy. I am open to dating all ethnicities (don't really have a "type"). However, I have heard before that many white gay dudes are much less open to dating brown or black dudes, due to these groups being fetishised. Is this true?

Also when I go to uni will it be easy to get into a relationship with a guy?
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:dontknow: There will be white guys (probably even most of them) who are happy to date people regardless of ethnicity, and I really doubt there’s good data on this to call it for sure. I’d worry more about meeting someone you like than this kind of what if?

Most unis will have large gay scenes and be pretty open places, so dating should be fine, although of course not guaranteed that you’d meet someone!
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I’m a gay white guy and I don’t look at it from a perspective of race, merely whether I’m attracted to the person or not.

Most universities are quite liberal and open so whilst it won’t be easy, I think that you will be able to find a partner if you meet a lot of guys. Honestly I do think it will be harder for you, as a black male, than a white male to find a partner but that may be down to the fetishising (which I would assume and hope would be rare in universities) and personal preference.

Look after your appearance and have a great personality and you stand a good chance!

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