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hello, i was planning to apply to durham but i read a few articles and apparently some students at durham have reported a lot of racism and bullying there and it matters to me as i am east asian. also i read about the recent ‘posh lads’ scandal in which some boys were talking about doing some horrid stuff there to girls.

is it as bad as it seems? should i still apply or should i back out? thanks in advance! x
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I am not a Durham student personally, but I think that in every university it depends on the type of people you surround yourself with. Some colleges, like Hatfield and Castle (arguably) are much more 'posh' and white so you could go to the more diverse and liberal colleges and do some research to find these.
I don't think that this should hold you back in life. Sadly, there will be racism at every university, and just because there is some at Durham doesn't mean you will necessarily experience it, or experience it to a higher degree than elsewhere.
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I’m not at Durham but have a daughter who is She’s mixed race (East Asian/Caucasian) and her friend group seems to be very heterogeneous, including a lot of East Asians. I’ve met a few and they seem like a really nice group. She also seems to be really happy there and is having a great time, both socially and academically.

By they way I believe a “Students of Mixed Cultural Identities” society (SMICS) has just started up

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