I don’t want a useless degree during a recession

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I’m in year 13 and applying to uni in a few
months, I’m applying for English lit and thinking Nottingham Trent.

I’ve fallen into a bit of a hole researching the degree and career paths and I do really think I’d like it, I like reading but also studying books, I like history and critical theory on literature. I think I’d enjoy it a lot and I’m very excited to move.

However, English lit is kind of hit or miss career wise, I want to go into marketing, publishing, content creation, those kind of careers but I know they’re a bit hit or miss and you have to have connections and good experience, I worry a tonne about money and academic failure is really a massive fear, I wouldn’t mind doing a graduate course in English and teaching at a high level, but that’s more money and time which I can’t afford.

I want to leave uni and go into a secure entry level job or get a payed internship at least. I’m really scared with English, my scapegoat is nursing which I really enjoy and have experience for. What do you guys think, please help! And if you’re doing English lit or going into the careers I mentioned, what’s it like...?!
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You're right, English is a tad hit and miss - especially without connections. However I think it's a bit early to worry about that.
If you've got your heart set on university, or at least an area you'd like to study more in depth - go for it.
University is a waste of money for people who learn subjects that aren't required for their job, or people who don't enjoy it in my opinion. I think if you have something in mind you'd like to study, it's perfectly reasonable to go.

At this point, get some work done in uni, try and narrow down the field over the next couple of years. Spend time looking on job sites, and maybe get a side graft going - do some writing online/tutoring.
Best of Luck

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