A story about love ❤️

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A story about love ❤️
Once upon a time ,there was a girl name Arohi . She was too open with others and she believed in true love so much . She has watched a lot love story movies and shows since she was a kid. She also had a great problem of trusting people so easily and quick . She loved to go to her maternal grandmother's home where she had her loving cousins .
One day when she went there like always , she saw a boy in their Street and he was their neighbour and a common friend of her cousin .
When she saw him , she fall jn love with him at first sight . His name was Lavesh . Whenever she went there , she always just see him but they never talked. They once play in their Street but everyone was in the street and again they never talked .
And one day when she was there and was talking to her cousin , she told him to tell Lavesh that she likes him . Her cousin told him and he also said yes .
She was so excited and happy and then they talked on voice call for the first time . Next day they chat and the Lavesh asked her that he didn't sleep all night as he was thinking about her . And Arohi said this happened to her last night also .
They continue to talk for 2 days . And after that Lavesh said he wants a break From relationship . She was so shocked and heart broken and was thinking that it has been only 2 days since they are talking to each other and he needs a break form relationship . She had a high fever that night and cried a lot .
Then after 2-3 days he said he wants to talk to her again that he can't stop thinking about her . Then aguan they talked to each other and started to know each others .
And agian he wanted a break .
Arohi was confused that is he the right guy for her . And when she was going back to her home, Lakesh said he wanted to talk to her again. Arohi loved Lakesh so much so she kept ignoring his things that he want .
They talked a lot every night and morning , evening and afternoon , all day .
And one day when they was video calling each other , Lakesh suddenly cut the call . Arohi was so worried about him . But that evening her cousin called her and said Lakesh's mother take away his phone. She said ok when he get it back he will talk to her . But she can't handle the thing of Lakesh like coming and going from her life . She was missing him too much so she told her little cousin to video call her and show him when he was jn the street . But unfortunately Lekesh see her and he scolded her little cousin so badly . Ya it was Arohi 's mistake but what else should she do . When Arohi know about it she cried a lot to hurt him .
And some days later her cousin told her to talk to him on his phone. Arohi was at her best friend's home . She talked to him on voice call . And even her best friend also . Her best friend told him that Arohi really really loves him . And be relied it's not good to love someone too much and I am not her lover and I talk to her because I don't want to see anyone cry because of him and Arohi was listening to him also . So she decided to said him that she don't want his sympathy and asked him block her .
Next day she had to go to her materal grandmother's home for some reason and that day Lakesh messages her and when Arohi asked why don't you block her and he said he tried to but he can't block her . So she said please block her and I don't want your sympathy. And don't want to disturb you. He said no just talk to me. Ans next day he told her that his friend likes her and he was just shocked that day so he didn't talk to her properly . He told her to talk to his friend on voice call. She said ok I will. She said no to his friend as she liked Lakesh .
Ans next day he didn't even look at her. She was upset. And he don't even message her or call her . She came back from there and tried to forgot everything. And she wrote her story .
Yes that girl is me and my real name is something else aana his name is also another .

Next part of the story will come when something else will happen.
Until then I and we will wait.
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Did she bother getting married to him? That's how you express true love.
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Cool story, bro

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