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Applying for PWC with a Resit


I am currently planning to apply for audit graduate programs, including PWC. I have a question regarding resitting modules in the university and how it will affect my application.
It is stated in the PWC faqs section that PWC don't accept applicants who resits exams or modules in an another academic year. I was resisting my project module in my postgraduate study at Loughborough University due to some personal reasons and graduated at In 2019. I had to wait a year because my university doesn’t allow a resubmission of dissertation. I tried to contact pwc regarding this, but it would be really helpful if anyone could provide some information regarding this. It seems that they care about undergraduate grades more, but I’m about worried if my application will be affected by this. I haven’t notice any other company explicitly states that they dont take people who has done a resit, but only PWC So far. Think I might apply first and see what would happen if I pass the game assessment. Still, any advice would be really helpful. Thanks.
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did you find out anything regarding this?

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