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I am wondering if I have a suitable experience and background for a strong PGCE application for the 2021/2022 year to teach English in which I am going to apply for in November.

I graduated from university this year with a 2:1 in English Literature in which I chose to study a module that outlined to us how to teach English in secondary schools and I thankfully achieved a first. I then volunteered as a teacher assistant in my secondary school and worked closely with the teachers and was fortunate enough to attend department and safeguarding meetings to see how everything works behind the scenes.

After that, I took up one to one tutoring for secondary school children which I still do to this day.

I’ve just gained a job in cover work where I will hold lessons in English literature and language (obvs the plan the teacher has laid out) but I still would think it showed a desire to get into teaching and count as experience.

Although I’m not slightly sure if this is relevant but I also have experience in working with children due to multiple coaching roles I have in the past from sports (football and boxing).

I was going to try and make it clear in my application that I was going to be trying to attain a primary school assistant place before the PGCE started early in 2021 to see how primary schooling works. Is this useful?

Is there any advice I can go to in Building an application?

Is late October or early November a good time to apply?

Is there any other key experiences I should go for before applying?

If a school that I worked with for cover wanted to take me on and train me on job, should I choose this instead of a pgce?

I’ve found teaching a rather hard thing to get into with there being so many questions and few answers out there. This is made even more difficult with there being various routes into it, (paid and unpaid) and not knowing which one is the best.

Any feedback or comments would be hugely appreciated!

Kind regards
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Your experience all sounds great!
Really work on your personal statement. Don't just write it last minute. Be aware of current issues in teaching and any of those that spill over into your subject.
October/November is a great time to apply! That is more or less when applications first open.
Are you in England? Sign up to get into teaching events which will give you much more guided advice for applying.
Just word of advice: if your subject is already competitive, it will be more competitive this year. Teaching/PGCE applications are likely to increase with it being an "essential job". Many other careers aren't running as big recruitments because of covid uncertainty and so the essential, definitely hiring careers are growing in popularity. Really write all you can about yourself and big up your achievements!
Get into Teaching
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Hi @Luke911

The Get into Teaching Information Service help people who are preparing for a teacher training application. We help people get their application ready so that they can apply as soon as they possibly can applications through UCAS open on 13th October this year. This avoids the application interfering with finals and dissertations!

It's really important to be able to choose the best course for you and we can spend some time with you to find out what support is available to you locally. We can help you write the personal statement for the application and help prepare for interview!

Please give us a call on 0800 389 2500 and ask for an adviser, alternatively, register here and we shall call you!

All the best!

Bishop Grosseteste University
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Hi Luke,
From what you’ve said above your experience sounds great!! UCAS open their PGCE applications on the 13th October so this would be the best time to apply, a lot of Secondary PGCE course are very popular so our university always encourage students to get their applications to us as soon as possible.

Try to, if you can, attend as many open days (most are virtual at the moment so you can attend from the comfort of your own home) to find out more about the course and speak to the academics and support staff.

If you have any further questions regarding PGCE courses please do get in touch 😊

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