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Joined Year 13 as of September. I have completed the diagnostic tests my new school gave me. Bio, Chem, Maths. Grades A,E,U respectively. Suffice to say I have been struggling during lockdown. I moved to my current residence in Febuary and the school refused to give me face to face or online lessons. So I've had to self teach myself about half of last year's stuff.

Head of 6th form talked to me today about results. Suggests I retake Year 12. Apparently any predicted grades they were going to give me won't be good enough to get me into any decent universities. Being completely honest, I'm severely depressed and have not made friends since coming here. I'm not in a good place. I put in plenty of work, but since I have no motivation or reason to keep going, half the stuff goes out as quickly as it comes in.

What do you even do in this situation? I've concluded a few options:

1. Slog through the A-Levels and turn the tables in a year, take a gap year, apply for 2022 entry, to a course I probably won't be interested in.

2. Restart my education, take two more years to complete A-Levels. Get potentially higher grades, no gap year. Apply for 2022 entry, for a course I probably won't be interested in.

3. Ditch the A-Levels and go to College to study a less intensive course. I've always loved creative stuff, so maybe games design or art and design. Face the scorn of my anti-technology stepfather. Apply for 2022 entry, to a course I may be more interested in.

4. Ditch the A-Levels and try an apprenticeship. Money, but most of them are fairly boring sounding and not likely to help my state. Maybe gain a degree too, but not guaranteed.

5. Ditch the A-Levels and start working, but only be able to access low-level menial jobs that I won't enjoy.

What do you think. I'm not sure anymore, I don't even know what keeps me going, but I have to make some sort of choice.
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Firstly really sorry to hear you're having a rubbish time, my mental health was awful during a-levels and lots of people on here will relate.
I know it's hard when you feel demotivated and down, but my advice would be to think long term. The point of higher education is largely to get you to the career you want (or to gain knowledge/skills). So where do you want to be in five years? I know it's annoying but do the thing that gets you nearest, or seems best. Don't just get a menial job unless it's all you can handle right now of course.
In my opinion, without knowing you personally, option 3 seems best- it's a qualification that you will likely prefer doing and gets you somewhere positive hopefully career wise. It seems from your post like the one you prefer.
I would show this list to your dad and go through it with him if possible so he understands how you feel about each option, so he will get it if you do pick that one.

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