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So about 2 and a half months ago, I started talking to this boy who I’ve found over time I quite like. We both agreed to having a more casual/fwb type of relationship and this is my first time being in one, however we didn’t lay any solid ground rules. Since July we’ve been talking almost every single day and meeting every couple of weeks. It’s been a week since I last met him in person and we spent the day at his house watching movies and talking about life. My instincts tell me that the day went pretty well and we both had a good time together. However ever since then he’s been acting strange. He started to take hours and even sometimes a whole day to text me back even though I know for a fact that he’s been active on social media. I didn’t mind at first because I assumed that he was busy with work or had something personal going on in his life which I can understand if he needs a bit space. He told me that he’d been busy lately which confirmed my assumption and I was fine with that but now he’s stopped replying to me altogether. I know I shouldn’t be doing this and that it’s lowkey toxic but I can tell he’s talking to other people on snapchat when I check his snap score and it constantly rises while I’m still left on delivered. I’m trying to think about what I’ve done to make him go “cold turkey” on me, as like I said before, the last time we met went great. I’m not at all clingy and I’ve never tried to dive too deep into his business or personal life. I’ve not said or done anything to imply I want a relationship with him (cos I don’t) and I’ve never talked about ex’s or previous partners. So what could it be is my question ? Has he started chatting to someone else ? That’s what I think it is anyway because his snap score rises so much but I might be wrong. Does he not wanna talk to me anymore ? I’m sick of being left in the dark about it and I’m finding it’s driving me nuts now. Not the fact that he’s not talking to me but the fact that he’s not telling me why he’s not talking or what it was I did. If he wanted to end the fwb I would be totally fine with it but I just want some sort of answer or communication so I know to stop thinking about him. It’s really frustrating.
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life is way too short to get hung up on crappy men. ignore his ghosting, get on with your life and wait for someone a lot better to come along.
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It is a complete waste of time trying to analyse what's going on in the mind of someoene that's not a close friend or relative.

Who knows what he's really thinking and feeling and why.

Having said that, there are a few tips that might help you to get someone to fall in love with you.

1 There are NO absolute rules to getting someone to love you. People can be complicated. Most the time people are somewhat predictable. But exceptions do exist.
2 Having said that, there are certain ways you can behave that will increase your chances of someone falling in love with you.

3 Don't be boring. Dont' talk about life in general. Talk about him. Volunteer some information about yourself. Do fun stuff together.

4 Watching movies is OK to do with someone that is already your sexual partner. Before then, aim higher in terms of the fun stakes. Do something more active / unusual / fun / exciting / where you break a few "rules" in a harmless way.

5 Give him a rollercoaster emotional ride. One where you let him know about a good point about him when he displays it. One where you also let him know about reservations that you have about him. EG "Your face lights up when you smile." "I'm not sure if you're adventurous enough for me."
He has to earn your love. Your love for him should never be a "sure thing". Something he can take for granted. It's OK to leave him in some doubt as to whether he's good enough to be your boyfriend or not.

6 Most important point of all - as already mentioned by hnrc - is that THERE ARE PLENTY MORE FISH IN THE SEA, besides this particular man.

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