Want to apply for January - won’t receive results until the end of the year.

Kei Park
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I just did my foundation year in Biosciences and I planned to progress to 1st year in Nursing. But I got my results back this month and I failed one module worth 30 credits because I was marked absent. I now have to redo the module to pass, but the problem is - I was told I’ll get my results in December. I want to start a degree in January, but since I’ll receive my results WAY after clearing, I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted to any. I could continue at the university I attend already, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do the course there because they have no clearing places left. Will other universities wait until I have my results so that I can join in January? Or would I just have to reapply for September 2021?
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Discuss this with the university you want to attend. Some universities will allow you to start "provisionally" because of the delays waiting for results can cause. And so you may be allowed onto the course with the expectation that you pass your foundation degree. They may give you some term to your offer like "If you're unable to provide proof of a grade X by the Yth of March, you will be removed from the course".
Also speak to your current head of department. Could they fast track your results?
Definitely speak to both universities. Their awards and admissions teams can give you the best advice.

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