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Not sure what area to post this in but I am hoping someone can help me out!

I am starting my 2nd year In Biomedical Science and I’ve been researching my career paths and came to the realisation that being a Biomedical scientist is not of interest to me however, the STP programme is definitely of high interest to me especially in Microbiology.Sorry if these are silly questions but I am hoping somebody can help me

- Shall I still do a placement year as part of my BMS degree? If yes, will I have to complete my portfolio that’s required for BMS registration?
- Should I consider doing a Masters degree in my chosen specialism? I have read a lot that having extra degrees doesn’t boost you too much in comparison to Bsc applicants but I was thinking it would be useful because you would get more research experience?

Thank you in advance!
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1. Definitely continue with the industrial year, it's very valuable experience for the CV regardless of what job you aim for. Don't worry about IMBS registration, it isn't required for Clinical Science (which I never really understood, since CS is a step up from BMS, but anywho...). There is now a way of getting to CS from being a BMS with IBMS registration, but it's much more long winded compared to STP.

2. You can apply at the end a BSc and have a back up plan. STP is extremely competitive, especially the fields that are easily translatable from degree course, like Micro, Genetics, and Biochem. You will likely need to apply several times, so considering a MSc or PhD as back up is highly recommended.

There will be PhD grads and even post-grads applying, as STP is one of the only entry points to CS. While extra qualifications don't provide an explicit advantage, its all high level experience to draw on, especially to get through the application stage. It's more level at the interview stage.
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