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Most essay questions tend to be 'the importance of x' kind of questions.

I was taught to spend the first half of a paragraph talking about how x is involved in biology (e.g. diffusion in the absorption of glucose) and then to spend the other half of the paragraph talking about what would happen if x wasn't present. In this case, if Na+ did not diffuse into the epithelial cells, glucose wouldn't be co-transported into the epithelial cell. This would mean that glucose would not be available for respiration meaning there would be no production of ATP. ATP is required in growth and without growth, an organism can not adapt to their environment and will die as a result of being outcompeted for food or as a result of predation.

So my question is, what other ways could I talk about the importance of a biological mechanism? I've got avoiding predation, starvation and competition up my sleeve to end each paragraph with. I was told not to end with 'it will lead to death' though.

Would appreciate your responses!

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