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(Original post by amazingtrade)
I reckon the standard stuff is healthier, diet coke uses sweetners, sweetners contian phenylalanine though this substance is natural and found in stuff like eggs and banana's too much of it is bad for you, if you have too much of this stuff your body will need to suck a lot of calcium out of your bones and when you're older you may end up brittle bones.

Somthing I read is that you should make sure that you never eat any processed foods that contain this stuff otherwise you will be having too much of it, this basicaly includes anything with sweetners in. A bit probably won;'t do any harm.

I think there is a lot of debate to just how harmful it is but a lot of people are unaware of the negative effects of sweetners.
You should also avoid that stuff if you are prone to headaches or migraines.
Unfortunatly it is in almost every "Low or No Added sugar" drink. It can make everything a lot worse.
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