Ex is threatening me with her pregnancy

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I’m with my gf who is from another ethnicity for almost two years. She unexpectedly became pregnant whilst we used contraception, I am 100% sure that nothing was damaged, unless she fingered herself with the semen in the condom. She doesn’t want an abortion, it’s not an option and would destroy her. This whole situation is driving me into depression. Everyone I speak to says tell your parents they will understand inc my partner but no one understands at all! Telling my parents isn’t just telling my parents. It’s telling my two older sisters, their husbands( who have al done everything the ‘proper’ way) and ofcourse the whole of the flipping Asian community.
Shes 3 months pregnant and absolutely going under mentally. I am so extremely tempted to tell my family that I have moved to Scotland or something and actually move Ofcourse and just say I’ve got work I’m too busy. Raise the child and see what the future holds BECAUSE telling them is something which would absolutly break their hearts. I’m filled with anger too that i don’t have the environment to go to them and be honest. Their even freaking out that I’ve moved out ( unknown to them it was because of morning sickness) sounds crazy I know. People say I’m being selfish when I say I don’t want to tell them. I see it more as saving them. They will be absolutly utrerlt crushed. Coming to another country to work and give their kids a good life and here I am which in their books is the worst thing I could ever do. Not to mention her being a whole other ethnicity. We’ve fallen out and now she’s threatening to tell my parents that she’s pregnant when I explicitly stated to her that we should always use protection. What do I do?
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Someone please help, I wouldn’t be able to afford child maintenance, hence why I didn’t want a baby in the first place

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