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Hi! I’m applying to study at uni this year but i’m worried that my GCSEs will stop me from getting accepted. I achieved the following grades:

8 - Maths, English Lit
8-7 - Combined Science
7 - French, Geography, Business
6 - PE
4 - English Language

I meet the English GCSE requirements, but my grade is pretty low (I wanted & was predicted a 6). I would’ve retaken it but my school didn’t give me my remark back in time to apply for the resit. I was also really ill for the exam and was told I would not have to take it if I didn’t want. As well as this, I’m going to get tested for dyslexia because I think I have a chance of being dyslexic.

My predicted A level grades are the following:


I really want to apply to competitive unis like Edinburgh, Bath, St. Andrews, Bristol, Nottingham & Glasgow, but will my English grade hold me back?

I don’t know if this helps but I get contextual offers from Nottingham & St. Andrews (AABB & ABB respectively), and widening participating for Edinburgh.

Should I resit my English this November or will this not be beneficial?
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Not if you get the "A" level grades.
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Most courses have some essential GCSE grades/subjects. Check on the course page to see what they are - they will be different for each course/University.

Most top Unis will score your overall GCSE profile regardless of specific grades and this will form a % off you overall score. TYpically this would be something like 20% GCSE, 40% A levels, 40% PS - every Uni/course will be different, but GCSEs will be only a very small part of this. Stop worrying - if you meet the minimum specified grades and have good A level predictions then you have as much chance of an offer as anyone else.

Get yourself tested for dyslexia - this is important - ask the SEN person at your school.
At the very least you'll get extra time in your exams, and you may get your GCSE grades re-considered by Universities.

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