Quantity Surveying for Project Professional - would it be a start from the beginning

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Hi all,

I am a project professional with a degree in accounting and finance, Prince2 and APM. I want to move into QS industry as the area where I work in (Project Management) I can't see any more development for me financially. Of course, there is a lot to learn experience wise but in Local Govt sector financial progression is v limited and i do not just want to leave my job especially in this current climate.

Having worked in this field, I have a natural liking for Financial and Legal aspects of a Business Case and as such I decided to do my Second Masters (must be mad!) in QS. I will be self funding student as I am not British by nationality and therefore would really like to hear from people's experiences of career change, QS as Masters degree, any general advice regarding what to expect in terms of employment level and pay.

In Short I just want some advice on when I graduate with my Masters in QS, would I be looking at starting from scratch like Grad salary level jobs or could I/would I be able to target mid/ upper mid level jobs (the level I am at my current roles)

Also, any other advice regarding job search, networking etc . would be v much appreciated as last time I attended uni was 11 years ago and I am sure the student life navigation has changed vastly since :P

kindest regards,
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It's difficult - you're going to be in a sort of half-way house situation to start with. Certainly your previous experience will be very helpful, but without chartered status you will be harder for companies to charge out at full rate. But once you've achieved that you should be well positioned to move up very quickly.
I guess from your current situation the property section of the government maybe worth investigating.

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