Are these sensible choices? Also helpful information list about some uni requirements

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking of applying to the following unis for a few reasons which I'll list below each one, I'm not really sure if my research is accurate, so I'd appreciate if anyone could clarify things I've got wrong! Also if theres any other useful information you can input about the selection process, that would be great!

1) Dundee

- I read that the UCAT accounts for 40% of the pre-interview score, with the average UCAT of someone invited to interview being 2524 (for 2020 entry), and for the 2017/2018 cycle the lowest UCAT to be invited to interview was 2220.
- Personal statements are not used prior to interview
- Referees report taken into account prior to interview
- GCSEs are taken into account prior to interview, minimum of 77 in chemistry and 666 in English, maths and one more subject.

My questions about Dundee:
- Would a 630 UCAT score be okay to apply with if I have 7A*s and 1 A at GCSE?
- Does anyone know when they use personal statements/if they use them at all?
- Do Dundee weigh situational judgement at all?

2) Manchester

- Average successful UCAT for 2018/2019 cycle was 619. Manchester place huge emphasis on situational judgement.
- You need 7 grade 7s at GCSE with 66 in English and Maths

My questions about Manchester:
- Does anyone know if situational judgement band 1 with a score of (example) 650 is preferable over someone with 670 band 2?

3) Plymouth

- UCAT cut-off 2280 officially, but someone got an email saying the cut off is 2400. Mean UCAT for offer holders was 2530.
- GCSEs irrelevant
- very hard interviews
- Personal statement not weighed much at all

My questions about Plymouth:
- If they dont weigh GCSEs or A level predictions or the personal statements, is the invitation for interview solely based on your UCAT score; hence if you have an average UCAT it would be good to apply here if you're good at interviews?
- Is the personal statement weighed much when deciding on offers post interview?

4) Cardiff

- No specified UCAT cut-off, but average UCAT for interview is 657
- GCSEs required are 7 grade 7s, 6 in English language (preference given to 7 in English language), most applicants have at least 5 A*s
- Personal statement matters

My questions about cardiff:
- Is the personal statement read prior to the interview or after?
- Is it advisable to apply with a 6 in English language if your other GCSEs are strong?

Finally, is it advisable for me to apply to these 4 unis with a score of 630 band 1? Or are there other unis that I could look at?


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