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DevOps job/training for beginners??

Hi does anyone know where I can get DevOps training from (London)? I've been searching everywhere, I am a recent Business graduate and would like to take the DevOps career after a lot of researching and thinking. Perhaps free training or relatively cheap (but legit)? I'm finding it hard to find jobs that ask for little-no experience and I am stressing out because I have been unemployed since first year of university, hence I simply cannot afford these expensive courses. I would really appreciate advice on where to apply for job in DevOps or where I can get training course from. thanks :smile:
For those looking to dive into the DevOps field, especially recent graduates like yourself based in London, there are several paths to gain the necessary training without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions that could help you get started on your DevOps journey. Online Learning Platforms like Edureka, Coursera, Udemy, edX, and LinkedIn Learning offer a variety of DevOps courses. While not all courses are free, they often have sales or offer financial aid to those who qualify. These platforms host courses taught by industry professionals and often include hands-on labs.
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It also gives much-inclined beginners who are starting off a career in DevOps or even just considering introductory training many considerations to make. It can be started with a combination of self-study, academic, and practical experiences. Here's a look at how you can become a part of DevOps with some job and training opportunities—best for beginners.

MOOCs and online platforms: Websites like Coursera, Udemy, edX, and Edureka Learning offer a wide range of DevOps courses designed for beginners. These platforms often provide comprehensive training programs, including "DevOps for Beginners" courses that cover fundamental concepts, tools, and practices.

DevOps Bootcamps: Usually, bootcamp programs mean some kind of an intensive training course ranging from several weeks to several months and aiming at providing a learner with all the necessary knowledge and skills for further professional activities in DevOps. Often, they also have practical projects to add a practical experience, which is supported by substantial knowledge, to the learners' profile in a short time.

Community and Open Source Projects: Learning and interacting with other learners and the DevOps community becomes possible through their contributions to forums, local meetups, or any open-source projects. Professional practice in DevOps and the possibility of collaborating with other people are made easier through platforms like GitHub.

Internships and Entry-Level Jobs: This is where you will get an insight into the type of internships or the entry-level job opportunities that would be available to a DevOps-knowledgeable student in general. This will get you on the radar for practical career experiences at an entry level.

For a course or training in DevOps, a DevOps training program should cover such critical issues as version control systems (e.g., Git), CI/CD pipelines, and containerization technologies (like Docker), orchestration tools (for example, Kubernetes), IaC, monitoring, and logging best practices.

After all, the world of DevOps is all about continuous learning and getting better. Whether you are beginning your DevOps pursuit with the relevant foundational course, actively seeking hands-on experience, or continuing with further-building your knowledge and honing your skills, you will find the step to the next level a smooth one into a more dynamic and rewarding career.

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