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The Official Formula One 2022 Thread

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Da Costa forces oast de vries. Rowland and Dennis follow. Frinjs in attack on Lotterer
Jev and de vries take attack. Rowland still in attack ahead of da Costa.
Field very bunched at the moment. Lotterer takes attack as Jev takes Frinjs and di Grassi
Evans waffles and di Grassi take attack. Welrein takes the lead from evans and Frinjs. Waffles very aggressive
Wehrlien takes attack and now Jev leads, Lotterer mugs Frinjs as the chicane. Evans loses to weglreon
Wehrlien rskes rhe lead! Waffles now ahead of evans.
Wehrlien slows! Jev back in the lead from waffles
Both andrettis take their 2nd attack mode
Lotterer and frinks were having a bust up building a gsp. Jev takes swdomd attack but we could get a sc for the stopped Wehrlien
JEV takes 2nd ark mode

Rowland went into the back of Rowland!
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Do grassi also took attack 2. FCy which screws them
Fcy ending
Rowland and Lotterer ceash at san devote. Waffles takws attacl from the lead
Lotterer in the barrier surely sc
Rowland out as well
Sc in this lap
Turvey has 6-8% more energy than anyone else
Guenther bashes mortara
4.5 minutes added time