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The Official Formula One 2022 Thread

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Vips gets second from Hughes on the line!
Lawson wins and leads the championship
Latifi bins it just as the ferraris were about to go 1-2 (both had to abandon laps)
Why are the mercs on mediums. Also Hamilton is getting owned by Russell so far
Rb to go fastest in q1. Also if I were ferrari, I'd go out on the used tyres.
Mercs now on softs
Max out on used softs.
Yuki has a tech issue!
Tsuonda has an issue apparently as we are back underway
Ferrari keeping the trend of ferrari fast in sector 1
Sainz fastest. Both more than 3 tenths faster than max
Ferrari go 1-2 from max. Russel in the huge gap between max and checo
Ferrari's look so smooth to drive on this circuit.
Unsafe release between Danny ric and Kmag noted
KMag may get penalised for unsafe release... If he was realised from pit box instead of garage