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The Official Formula One 2022 Thread

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Original post by Andrew97
Sc for sebby who had stopped. Works out for Russell

Binned it on exit curb t4
Alonso can pit in 13 laps I reckon
Great move by checo on lewis before the sc
The alpine has similar blue to Williams. Thought albon was between the red bulls
Clumsy restart by LeClerc but saved by Russell and alonso chasing max
Considering how well the tyres are holding. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone pit for new softs on lap 47-48 (lap 50 best opportunity imo)
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We are now officially half way through
Albon p10 but yet to pit, likewise alonso and Kmag
Has anyone else noticed that only leclerc and the mercs are porpoising on the back straight / between t7 and t9. Astons supposedly have porpoising as well.
Oof Russell told by merc to let perez through to look after tyres
Max is out!!! Looks PU related

Was wondering how leclerc was gaining 2 seconds after max set fastest lap.

Vsc out
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Verstappen pulls over! Hard starters should pit
Original post by Andrew97
Verstappen pulls over! Hard starters should pit

Perfect window for the hard starters
Alonso and Kmag pitting
Vsc ending
Alonso new mediums, KMag used mediums.

Albon could go on softs if he stays out another 5-8 laps
Stroll has a 5 second penalty for weaving on the straight vs bottas
Window for softs open for albono
Is stroll about to pit? Been told to give it everything
Gasly finally gets stroll